Cognito Networks IoT solution

We deliver a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables enterprises to easily manage, scale, and apply sensor data to make better business decisions and streamline operations. You can integrate data from sensors, actuators, cameras, and connected things to rapidly innovate new applications without compromising management and interoperability.

Our customers have successfully used Cognito solutions for applications such as energy management, ventilation control, and workflow automation, to save 20-35% of energy and operational costs while creating efficient processes.

Our framework, however, can support numerous innovative IoT use cases by breaking silos across isolated sensor networks, SCADA systems, and applications.

“Cognito Networks has been an extremely valuable partner as we deploy IoT applications into several industry verticals. The ability to achieve multivendor IoT policy management and abstraction of sensor data has enabled us to rapidly evolve our IoT solutions to meet our customer needs.”


Doug Junkins

Cloud Service to Rapidly Develop IoT Applications

Define a catalog of smart entities to capture your business requirements. Develop IoT applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional sensor and M2M applications.

Visualize Min, Max and Current Sensor Readings

View key administrative information

Drill down to Policies configured

Track Geolocation 

Stream real-time feeds

Obtain Content History 

Real-Time Management of Multivendor IoT Networks

No Application Silos

Real-time entity and role-based management integrating people, process, and policy enables you to proactively detect anomalies such as process errors, improper configuration and operation, sensor errors, and security violations.

Rich Policy and Workflow Manager Across Applications & Use Cases

Visual policy builder enables you to compose and customize policies based on users, devices, sensor thresholds, location and other business criteria.

Foundation for Data Analytics and Recommendations

Deliver business actions and recommendations based on real-time and historical IoT patterns to optimize processes, workflows, and operating procedures.


We collaborate with leading technology and integration partners to deliver and customize complete solution to meet your needs.

Option wireless tech

“By combining SimpleSoft’s IoT simulator capabilities with Cognito Networks’ cloud service, customers can completely model and validate their overall solution, policies, and workflows before real deployment. This will save a lot of time and money while assuring success.”


Sudhir Pendse
CEO, SimpleSoft

“We are excited that our customers can now combine Senet’s cost-effective LoRa® wide-area IoT network solution with Cognito cloud service to easily visualize data and automate their policies,”.


George Dannecker
CEO, Senet