About Us

Cognito Networks delivers a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables enterprises and small-medium businesses (SMBs) to easily manage, scale, and apply sensor data to make better decisions, build a smarter enterprise, and establish clear competitive advantages.

Cognito solution comprises four components:

  • Application Platform, that provides a Cloud Service to rapidly innovate new applications and custom use cases

  • Policy and Workflow Manager, to integrate business workflows and automate operating procedures

  • Mobile App, to receive critical alerts and notifications from the IoT network

  • IoT Gateway, to integrate sensors and things and establish a device-independent IoT abstraction to the Cognito cloud service

Our solution integrates people, process, and policy, to eliminate application silos, scale to hundreds of thousands of things, simplify overall IoT management, and lay the foundation for data analytics. Cognito’s flexible Entity abstraction enables enterprises to model complex combinations of sensors, things, and business workflows to streamline operations and automate operating procedures.

Using our solution, customers and partners can rapidly innovate new applications in numerous areas, including, Physical Security, Access Management, Supply Chain, Service IT, and Remote Network Provisioning.

Cognito Networks, Inc., selected by enterprise accelerator tie-1 is privately held with teams in the Bay Area and India.

Cognito Team

Kittur Nagesh Founder & CEO, MSEE, MBA (Wharton)
Kittur Nagesh

A proven innovator who has taken 25+ products from concept to monetization in the areas of network infrastructure, mobility, cloud services, and IoT. Vast experience spans engineering, product management, product marketing, and solution life cycle management across enterprise and service provider segments. Nagesh, who has an MSEE (Univ. of Iowa) and an MBA (Wharton), has filed for 30+ patents, 16 of which have been granted.

Ajit Sarnaik Chief Architect, MS (UCSB)
Ajit Sarnaik

A systems thinker with a rich background in processor architecture, networking, security, and high-performance web services. Ajit, who has an MS from UCSB, has filed for 5 patents, 3 of which have been granted.

Guruprasad Kini Software Dev Cloud Services, API BS CS
Guruprasad Kini

Technical Leader with 15+ years experience in IT industry. Guru's passion is forming and leading teams in complex, cutting-edge technology projects. Guruprasad, who has a BS in Computer Science, holds a patent in rapid network setup via short-range communication.

Pradip Madan Advisor
Pradip Madan

Seasoned Executive, Strategy Consultant, Board member, mentor to Startups, and TiE Charter member.

Jay Parekh Advisor
Jay Parekh

Seasoned Executive, Strategy Consultant, Board member, mentor to Startups, and TiE Charter member.