Define your Enterprise IoT Application in Three Modular Steps

Develop your catalog of entities and share throughout your Enterprise

Cognito Entities are highly flexible management and policy constructs that can scale from a single sensor or thing to a complex process with hundreds of things. You can choose pre-defined entities and customize them to your specific application requirements. You can also create composite entities based on administrative domain, location, and business workflows.

Define Management and Business Policies using Cognito Policy Builder

Use the graphical interface of the Policy Builder to define policies for the various entities. Create relevant business actions, such as Salesforce or SAP integration, based on triggers from the various entities. You can also build a library of policy templates that can be reused, re-purposed, or combined throughout the organization.

Apply and Monitor the Policies throughout your Enterprise IoT Network

Easily navigate your enterprise IoT network to select regions where you want to apply one or more policies. Create role based access control to determine privileges for various administrators and users of Cognito solution.