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Covid Preparedness and Response

IoT-based Compliance Applications 

Offered as software service or an autonomous edge system, Cognito Networks’ Covid Preparedness and Response System (CPRS) solution can be used to streamline overall operations while meeting the needs of owner, operator, and occupants. The solution provides the following benefits:

  1. Temperature screening, to detect people with potential Covid symptoms and isolate them for further testing.
  2. Monitoring compliance to social distancing guidelines and notifying when anomalies occur.
  3. Integration with contact tracing processes.
  4. Monitoring compliance to sanitization procedures.
  5. Monitoring air quality of work environments.


Real-Time Temperature Screening

In high traffic areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, elevators, and workspaces, accurate thermal imaging and high-resolution optical cameras can be deployed to screen visitors and employees for Covid symptoms. Suspected people can then be isolated for detailed testing. If necessary, contact tracing can be initiated when Covid cases are detected.

Monitoring Social Distancing Compliance

By integrating real-time data from high resolution cameras and a variety of sensors, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models can be developed to accurately detect anomalies in complying with social distancing guidelines. When necessary, operations and security teams can be alerted to take corrective actions and initiate contact tracing.

Streamlining Sanitization Operations

Using a green checklist cloud application, businesses can ensure that hygiene amd sanitization procedures are strictly adhered to in all critical areas, while maintaining an audit trail. In addition, video can be integrated into the workflows to document compliance and detect anomalies.

Monitoring Air Quality

Cost-effective sensors can be deployed to monitor temperature, humidity, and levels of carbon dioxide and particulate matter in the environment. Real-time notifications are provided when anomalies are detected. Intelligent policies can be developed to control HVAC systems and decrease energy consumption.

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